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SMR Sexy Two

Year and Type: 
Father (2): 
Lanes Leinster
Mother (3): 
KR Noble Pride

Sexy Lexi is definately the only dtr of Lanes Leinster within a 2,000 mile radius except Bo hills and those can't be bought, trust me i have been searching for a mare like this for years!!! She is a top AAA race winning mare her oldest baby is in barrel training in Utah and her 2 yr old is in race training. There is no doubt Lexi will be a producer, she has all kinds of things you look for in a broodmare, short back, long underline, heavy bone, pretty head, and great feet. I am getting out of the breeding business due to lack of time with an expanding family. Lexi is for sale, she is IN FOAL to DASH TA FAME for a march 2014 baby that I will keep. But pay for half of her now and I will breed her to the stud of your choice and take excellent care of her until I Wein the baby around 5 months and you can pick her up and pay the other half. She is very sweet I actually vaccinate and worm her out in 40 acre field and never even put a halter on her. Awesome feet she wears them how she wants them no trimming required. Get the MAGIC cross LANES mares are Bigtime producers.
In foal to Dash Ta fame for late march baby 2014



Sixes Jess (Mr Jess Perry)